What We Believe At Transcend Financial Advisors


We will work best together if we have some level of mutual agreement on ideals. Here are some of our firm’s beliefs:

We believe that corporate tithe and offering in your cash flow management is essential. Life is full of uncertainty, and we don’t want you miss out God’s promises and blessings.

We believe that there is a higher hierarchy of transcendent needs in life. We hope to work with you to build a plan that addresses the security of your financial future and enables you to pursue the life style of your dreams. We also aspire to develop a plan that reaches deeper by helping you leave a legacy of integrity, character, and service to others.


We believe that as financial professionals we are in a unique position that qualifies us to shoulder your burden. With delegation, you don’t have to do it all by yourself; you can focus on doing what you do best and enjoy your life and your family in a less stressful atmosphere.


We believe that financial planning should be accessible to all people. There is no minimum asset requirement to work with us or to open any type of investment accounts. We run a transparent fee structure for our services that depends on the complexity of the plan, and we offer easy monthly payment plans so we can provide affordable and ongoing financial planning services for you.