Project Based Financial Planning

We can start to work with you on a single project based financial plan to meet your specific needs. Below are some examples:


Cash Flow Planning

Healthy cash flow is the foundation of financial well-being. Since most people have debt of some kind, including student loans and credit card debts, the first order of business is to find solutions to reduce debts. We can help balance your budget so you can invest the rest.


Retirement Planning

There are many retirement saving vehicles: qualified vs non-qualified, Traditional vs Roth, profit sharing vs cash balance, ISO vs NQSO. We strongly believe in taking advantage of those retirement plans’ short term and long term tax savings. We strive to help you align your money with your values.


Tax Planning

Tax saving is one of the most pressing issues for most working families. There are no easy answers because while you may think it is a good idea to save on taxes today, it could lead to paying more taxes in the future, possibly for the rest of your life. We take the holistic approach of “Plan with the end in mind,” integrated with the latest software, to enable you to make informed decisions.


Financial Planning with college bound families

Paying for college is one of the financial concerns facing most parents who are planning to pay for part or full costs for their children’s education. Many are also concerned about how to pay for college without jeopardizing their own retirement.  We will empower you with a plan for investing in your own retirement while saving for college, and show you how to pay for college while incorporating tax saving strategies.


Financial Planning While Grieving

Life is extremely hard while you are going through a divorce or loss of a spouse. We are here to help you reorganize your financial life as well as identify and utilize the resources available to you. This specialized financial planning process will release you from financial stress, so that you can take your time to heal and rebuild your life.


Business Employees Benefits Planning

It is vital for businesses to attract and retain quality employees. To help you accomplish that goal and achieve the greatest tax-savings, we provide group business employee benefit packages, including retirement plan solutions tailored for each employer’s needs. In addition, we offer training and support to meet the growing needs of employees for financial planning education, leading to their financial well-being.


Business Succession Planning

Business succession planning can be one of the most demanding periods in a business’ life cycle, particularly in a closely-held, family-owned company. We can help you to engage collectively in advance planning to relieve uncertainties, resolve conflicts, and develop solutions. We offer the resources, knowledge and experience to guide you through the process successfully.