Understand the Basic investment Strategies to Navigate the Market Volatility

We all have probably heard of people saying “Investing is easy, we just buy low and sell high.” But how often we let fear gets in the way when the market is plunging and end up selling low? When market is doing well while others are making a lot of money, so we follow and end up buying high? Sometimes the worse enemy is ourselves.

With the recent increasing market volatility, we want to refresh you with the basic investment fundamentals in hope to help you navigate the market.… Read More

Life after Grief Financial Checklist

Grief is difficult, every situation is unique and complex. It is a catalyst for a different life and you are learning to adjust but probably will never get over with. You are in a stage of disbelief, confusion, crying, signing, sleeplessness, withdrawal from socially, absentmindedness, inability to maintain normal routines; all these responses are not unusual.

During a time of grief, there is so much to do. It is wise to get help from a grief counselor for your emotion needs, and financial advisor, estate attorney and CPA for … Read More